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Dating in Manchester

Looking for ideas for the perfect date? Want something unusual? Check out some of these unique ideas…

If your date’s adventurous, there’s only one thing for it: zorbing. Head to Macclesfield where you and your date will be strapped into a giant plastic ball and rolled down a hill. If you dare…

Think you’ve got chemistry, but wonder if your personalities are matched for a long-term partnership? Put your compatibility to the ultimate test with an orienteering course. If you’re high-fiving each other and successfully working together to find your way, you’re onto a good thing.

You could also try paintball - nothing better than to have a play fight, is there?! True Mr and Mrs Smith style. As Brad and Angelina are still together, it seems to have worked for them. Just be sure to keep the fighting to the paintball field!

See, Manchester dating offers some really cool and off beat things to do with a date!

Manchester Dating: Music, Drinks and Dinner

Want something a bit less adventurous? How about music, drinks and dinner instead?

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a crooner, why not show off by booking a booth at Lucky Voice Karaoke? It doesn’t matter if your vocal skills wouldn’t get you past the first round of X Factor Auditions, you and your date are bound to have blast here.

Really can’t stand singing? Go for dance lessons together instead! It’s a great ice breaker, so long as none of you are prone to stepping on toes, that is.

Prefer drinks? Sip gin cocktails and admire the vintage décor and old world charm at the oh-so-hip Whim Wham Café on Oxford Road.

For a romantic dinner, try the tasting menu at Michael Caine’s at Abode, one of the city’s finest restaurants. By the time you’ve eaten your way through all six courses, you’ll probably have gotten to know almost every detail about each other.

Did your favorite Manchester dating site just give you some great date ideas or what? If you have more ideas, feel free to send them to us!

Is There a Free Dating Site in Manchester?

When looking for date nights, people also tend to look for dates. And a lot of people look to find them through online dating. Therefore we often get the question if there’s such a thing as free dating sites? Sadly, there isn’t.

At Cupid we offer a free online dating trial, or a so called restricted membership where you get to browse our site and see if there are any members who catch your eye, as well as upload a profile to see if others contact you.

Why do we do that? Well, for starters, we want to be sure that the members who join want to connect with the existing members on our site and like the way our site works. Secondly, we charge a membership fee because it costs to run a great dating site. We’ve spent years ensuring our user interface is the best, that our algorithms actually work, that our site is secure, and that we attract the best members from all walks of life.

In short, we’ve spent a lot of money to ensure that whether you’re looking for senior, twenty-something, or gay dating, Manchester’s #1 dating site has what you're looking for. Fun, flirtatious, serious, gay, or lesbian dating - Manchester has it all!

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