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Dating Events in London

Meeting new people in a big city can be hard. Friends and colleagues can suggest people, but they don’t always get it right. And everyone’s so busy getting from A to B during the day that it’s hard to catch someone’s eye.

So as well as bringing together London’s most eligible singletons on our website, we host a number of dating events throughout London ourselves.

With so much on offer in the capital, London’s dating scene can be a lot of fun. From salsa dancing and wine tasting to speed dating nights, our events are designed to help break the ice, and are tailored to suit busy people like you.

Why not take a look at some of the social events we’ve got lined up and join in the fun? We guarantee our events are a lot better for meeting singles than going to your local bar. First of all, everyone attending is single. Secondly, the events are created especially so that interaction with new people will be made easy.

We host the best dating events London has to offer. So join us for the next one!

London Dating - the Online Story

The reason you join an online dating site is not because you don’t have a social life. In fact, your social life might be so busy you don’t really have a chance to attend many events where you meet other singles. Especially singles outside your social circle. Chances are if you aren’t dating the singles in your social circle yet, you never will. You need to meet new people.

Let’s face it - on top of your social life you also have a career which takes up time, not to mention the time you spend commuting. Between work and social events within our social circle most of us, Londoners, don’t have that much time to spare, which is why online dating is so convenient - it takes up very little time to find other singles that way.

It’s true London is filled with singles, the trick is meeting the right ones. Online dating enables you to search for people outside your social circle who have similar interests you do. You wouldn’t randomly bump into people at your local pub or at work. It simply opens the door to meeting the singles you truly want to meet.

Free Online Dating in London - Does It Exist?

In short, the answer is no - there is no free dating site in London. Why? Because it costs to run a good dating site which is user friendly, safe and free of ads.

On the upside, online dating is very inexpensive - for the price of two drinks in a good bar you get a monthly membership. It’s a lot cheaper than attending a ton of different social events in the hope of meeting someone. What’s more, your social life should be fun. You shouldn’t feel pressure to meet interesting singles every time you go out. Rather you should enjoy the time you have with your friends. And having a great social life is important, not least as it will make you happy, and happiness is attractive!

So why not check out Cupid today? We do offer a free membership where you can browse the site and see if there are singles who catch your eye before you sign up. Nothing to lose, is there?

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