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Date Ideas: London Date Nights to Remember

So you’ve just agreed to go on a date with someone, maybe after meeting through Cupid. Now what?

There’s so much to do in London, but what sort of activities are date-friendly? Here are some great date ideas to get you started…

Going to a gallery like The Tate or the V & A is perfect for a first date, and gives you something to talk about so you don’t have to worry about the conversation flowing. Check out the Museums at Night festival, which sees museums and galleries across London open until the small hours for late-night arty fun.

Don’t break out in a sweat about securing a booking at one of London’s hottest restaurants. London’s street food scene is one of the best in the world. Grab a takeaway from a street vendor and head to one of London’s great parks like Richmond Park, or Primrose Hill. In winter, grabbing a hot chocolate and walking around a park like Green Park at dusk can be incredibly cozy too! In summer, simply pack a picnic and head for Hyde Park or Regent’s Park.

Good Date Ideas: London Dating for Film Buffs

Here are some date ideas in London for those looking for something evolving around film.

If snuggling up on a sofa watching films is your idea of date heaven, impress them by booking a club suite at the Everyman Cinema in Hampstead. You’ll enjoy your film on a comfy sofa and you’ll even have a waiter on hand to fetch you a bottle of bubbly. Cinema dates have never been this good.

If you prefer something arty, head to the Curzon Soho and grab a drink or coffee, right at the cinema after the film.

If you both love film history, visiting the Cinema Museum, or the London Film Museum is a great date!

Museums like the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) also host cinemas where you can catch arty films. And let’s not forget the IMAX theatre at the Natural Science Museum if you fancy a movie about, well, science related topics.

Prefer a fancy date? Take someone to one of the big cinemas on Leicester Square. Be sure to buy some Haagen Dazs for the movie in the shop on Leicester Sq. and afterwards head to a fancy bar for drinks.

London Dating: Extremely Cool and Romantic Dates

Fancy getting active? Sip watermelon cocktails as you show off your serve at PING, an achingly hip Ping-Pong bar which transforms into a club after hours at weekends. Or find out how well you’d work as a team by embarking on a treasure hunt around London, organised by UK: The Game, which sends your clues by text message for you and your date to crack.

Great date ideas in London should include dates that are perfect ice breakers, like going to a class together – think cocktail making lessons, cooking lessons, or jive lessons – they will all give you something to talk about after the date.

Similarly, you can attend wine and chocolate tasting events, or pretend to be tourists for the day and go on tour buses, visit Madame Tussauds, or Big Ben.

If you fancy something simple, but romantic, head to a bookstore, pick out a book for each other and then go to Gordon’s Wine Bar to sit and read the books whilst sipping wine by candlelight. As Gordon’s gets packed in the evenings, try heading there for an afternoon date.

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