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Dating in Birmingham: What to Do?

The Birmingham dating scene offers plenty of things to do and we’re here to give you some great suggestions!

If the thought of making polite conversation or picking out a suitable wine for dinner makes you break out in a cold sweat, there is an alternative: sport. A little healthy competition may just get the sparks going, so book a tennis court or tee off on a nearby golf course. All’s fair in love and war, after all.

It’s official: the real ale revolution is well and truly underway. If you share a passion for real ale, why not suggest The Hockley Loop Real Ale Trail? Two local real ale aficionados will walk you from pub for pub, taking you through some of the city’s most interesting tipples as you sip away.

Looking to impress? Book a sofa at The Electric Cinema – Britain’s oldest working cinema – and settle in for a film. Expect to see anything from screwball comedies from the 40s to independent and occasionally mainstream Hollywood films on their eclectic programmer. And the best part? You can hit a button and have a waiter bring you snacks or even a bottle of bubbly as you enjoy getting to know your date.

Birmingham Dating - the Budget Way

You can’t put a price on finding true love, but let’s face it: the dating game can be expensive. To avoid the ‘who should pay’ dilemma, commit to a totally free day out. The Town Hall regularly holds free concerts while the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is perfect for culture vultures.

If you own bikes, or can borrow some, you can’t beat a cycle along the canal on a sunny day. Bring a picnic if you fancy taking a break along the way.

If you don’t mind paying a little bit you can also catch a train or bus into the countryside and go for a nice country walk. Nothing speaks love like a country walk in spring, when the flowers start to blossom, or in autumn when the leaves are changing color.

Once you get to know each other better there is, of course, also the Netflix date night in the couch with a bucket of ice cream waiting to happen!

Feeling inspired to find someone to take on these dates? Cupid is the Birmingham dating site that offers you a whole bunch of cool singles looking for love!

A Free Dating Site - Cheaper Than Clubbing

Let’s face it - most bars and clubs, as well as other social events, will end up costing you quite a bit of money, especially if you buy a couple of drinks. Joining a dating site on the other hand costs next to nothing.

Free online dating doesn’t really exist as all dating sites need to make money, so if they’re free they’re filled with spam. However, like any good dating site, Cupid offers a free trial. Whether you are looking for senior, twenty-something, or gay dating, Birmingham has what you are looking for and you can find thousands of singles right here on Fun, flirtatious, serious, or lesbian dating - Birmingham has it all!

So what are you waiting for? The city is filled with exciting things to do, so why not sign up to Cupid today so that you can take dates with to enjoy all the things Belfast has to offer? After all, most cities look better when you explore them with someone who puts a silly grin on your face because you’re in love.

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