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Free Senior Dating Site

Who says dating is for the young? More and more people in their 40s, 50s, 60s are single and looking to meet someone. Even people in their 70s and 80s want to have an another shot at love, and why shouldn’t they?!

Lots of older singletons come out long-term relationships, whether due to divorce or being widowed, finding themselves on the dating scene after a long hiatus. Others never quite got round to finding time to find ‘the one’ because work, friends or life seemed to get in the way, or they were simply unlucky.

Whatever your reason for coming to, you’re far from alone. 5.8m people over 45 live on their own, and 1.7m women over 65 are widowed. Many of these people are looking for love and choose online dating as it’s the easiest way of meeting a lot of singles in one place.

Senior dating can be a lot more fun as people are more mature and really know how to put together nice dates. Like any good senior dating site, offers a free dating trial where you can browse the site to get a feel if it’s for you.

Online Dating for Seniors

So how does it work? Well, you should start off by picking out your best photos for your profile pics and creating your profile. Think of this as your ‘elevator pitch’: it’s your chance to really sell yourself to a potential partner.

In your profile, be sure to talk about what you enjoy in life, what you are passionate about and what you’d like in a partner. Avoid talking about things you dislike, or wouldn’t want in a partner. It sounds more appealing saying you’re looking for honesty, than saying you don’t like dishonesty.

Dating for seniors can be a lot of fun, so see it as such! Really get into creating your profile and enlist help from friends if necessary. Be sure to do a spellcheck since poor grammar and spelling put many people off.

A Senior Dating Service That Works

How do you make online dating work, save for creating a great profile? Well, you start contacting singles. Dating can’t happen unless you get in touch with others.

Profile polished off, it’s time to start checking out some of our other members. The great thing about online dating – whatever your age – is that you can be as fussy as you like and filter out the members who don’t quite match up to what you’re looking for without hurting anyone’s feelings. If you aren’t prepared to uproot your life for a relationship, limit your search to members who live nearby. Or if you tend to go for people within a certain age range, use our age filter.

So what if someone catches your eye? You can always ‘like’ their profile to see if they’re interested, or send them a message. Messages get the highest response rate. To write a great message be sure to keep it short, but do include a compliment about something you liked in their profile, as well as a question to get the conversation started.

Like any top senior dating site Cupid has members from all walks of life, so join today to find someone who is a match for you!

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