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Gay Dating Site

Cupid is a site for everyone and we have both straight and gay members. If you are looking to find other gay members, you just put it down in your search criteria. You can also put down other preferences, such as finding someone in your local area or someone who has a certain career.

Spend time meeting other gay singletons in our chat rooms and forum pages or search for gay or lesbian members using our huge database to find the one that’s just right for you.

There’s no guesswork involved: all our members are looking for a serious relationship rather than a casual fling, and most members fill out what they are looking for more specifically. It’s a lot less random meeting someone online than in a bar, where you know nothing about the person save that they’re attractive.

Online you only need to invest your time in meeting up with someone if you think you’ve got a spark.

Gay online dating is also great because it gathers so many singles in one place and you can contact them at any time - not just on a Friday night when you happen to be in the same bar.

Gay Dating Tips

Gay dating advice isn’t any different from the advice we give straight members. First of all, make sure you have a great profile. That means a nice description about yourself - keep it fairly short, but personal - and some nice profile photos to go with it. Be sure to write about what you enjoy in life and what you are looking for in a relationship. Writing about what you don’t enjoy and don’t want from a relationship isn’t half as attractive.

Once you have a profile, contact members you like by sending them a personal message complimenting them on something in their profile. If you find someone you hit it off with, be sure to meet them as soon as possible for a drink or coffee to find out if you have offline chemistry too.

When it comes to online dating and safety, just be sure not to give out personal details like full name, address and credit card details to someone. When meeting for the first and second time, meet in public and let a friend know where you’re at.

Free Gay Dating

We understand you’re looking to save money. Isn’t everyone? However, running a dating site, especially a top caliber dating site, costs. That’s why we’ve tried to compromise - we offer a free membership so that you can test out the site. If you then want to take it to the next level and contact our members, you pay a small monthly fee. And with small, we really mean small, - it costs less than two drinks in a nice restaurant.

So whilst we can’t offer you entirely free dating, we make sure you test our gay dating website to know if it’s for you before you decide to join. That way we attract members who like our site and our current members.

There are many budget friendly dates as well. A first date should be short and sweet as it’s a first meeting, so a quick drink or coffee is perfect.

Further down the line, you can go for walks in the park, see exhibitions in free museums, have Netflix dates at home (hey, you can always serve gourmet popcorn and wine!) and go for romantic country walks together.

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