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Free Dating Online

While you can’t put a price on finding true love, we understand that saving money where you can is important to you. Which is why we offer all our members a free trial to find out if Cupid is right for you.

So what does our free membership entail? Well, you can basically do anything and everything on our site apart from contacting someone. In other words, you can browse other members’ profiles to see if there’s anyone who catches your attention. You can also upload your own profile, to see if anyone contacts you. In addition to this, you’ll get to see how the site works, so that you know you like using it.

If you see others have contacted you and you want to reply, or you fancy contacting someone yourself (we recommend you send messages to anyone whom you like), then you can easily upgrade your membership. And it’s inexpensive to do so - a monthly membership costs less than what two drinks in a fancy bar would cost you.

Entirely, free dating online is a bit of a myth as it costs to run a dating site, but it sure is cheaper joining a dating site than going to a new bar every night looking for love!

Online Dating Tips

So how do you go about attracting love on an online dating site? Well, it starts with your profile.

A great written profile shows off your personality, whilst still keeping it fairly short and sweet. It’s written from a positive perspective talking about what you enjoy in life and want out of a relationship, not what you don’t enjoy and don’t want.

A good profile also has some nice profile pictures, showing off you and your life.

Once your profile is in order, the best way to meet people is to contact them by sending a message where you compliment them on something in their profile and also ask them a question about something to get the conversation going.

Flirting is nice, but don’t come on too strong at first - let it build up to create some tension!

If you find you have online chemistry with someone, ask them to meet up as soon as possible for a quick coffee, or drink. The sooner you meet, the sooner you’ll know if you click in real life.

Free Dating Tips - Great First Dates

A great first date when you’ve met someone through a dating site is a short and sweet meeting, somewhere public, where you both feel relaxed. Often your impression of the other person will be all mixed up the first time you meet due to expectations and nerves, so you do yourself a favor by keeping it short. It’s best to leave them before they make their mind up about you; as mentioned - first impressions aren’t always correct. Leave the judgement for the second date. Keeping it short also relieves some of the pressure as you don’t have to entertain them for hours on end.

If you want, you can grab coffees to go and walk around town, or why not visit a farmer’s market? It can help to ease up the tension.

For a second date doing an activity together is great, as it’s a natural ice breaker. Why not try a cooking class, attend a wine tasting, do a dance class together, or watch stand-up comedy?

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