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How to Find Your Soulmate

Is there a foolproof way of finding your soulmate? Maybe not, but there are some techniques that many people use, which have been proven beneficial to them.

To find a soulmate, first of all you have to find yourself. You will meet your soulmate first when you are true to yourself. After all, you want to attract the person that will fall in love with the true you. So if you're looking for a soulmate what's the best thing to do? Find yourself first!

Below we’ve gathered some points for what to do after you’ve found yourself if you’re looking to find your soulmate.

How do you know when you find your soulmate? Well, whilst all relationships require work (you know, talking to understand each other’s points of view, complimenting each other, going on dates, buying each other gifts, really listening to one another, etc.), soulmates tend to simply like each other when they get together. There is not a feeling that something is lacking in the other person.

Find Your Love

Ready to find your love? Then here are some excellent things to bear in mind.

  • You have to see your thoughts about love and relationships for what they truly are and let go of any negative thoughts you have. If your focus is on how difficult relationships are, chances are you will be attracted to someone who will make a relationship difficult.
  • If you keep repeating to yourself "I want to find my soulmate" but sit on the couch all day, long chances are you won't find one. The best place to start looking is, well, not in your cupboard in the bedroom. You have to get out to meet people. Online dating is also an excellent way if you're looking for to find a soulmate. You can meet them anywhere but the point being is you have to go somewhere – online, the local coffee shop, a class, a bar...
  • Wherever you go searching for love, bear in mind you can’t turn someone into your soulmate through wishful thinking, nor will necessarily the first person you meet be your soulmate.
  • Don’t make your longing for a soulmate make you blind to someone’s flaws – if the person doesn’t make you happy and appreciate you for who you are, they are not someone you will want to be with.

Online Dating and Finding Love

Can you find your soulmate through online dating? But of course! Dating sites have more singles in one place than any bar, and unlike a bar you don’t both have to show up at the same time to meet - you can message people who are offline too.

So what to do to attract dates online?

First of all, write a short, but descriptive profile. Keep it positive - state what you want and like, as opposed to what you don’t want and dislike. Happiness is attractive.

Secondly, make sure to have at least five profile pictures, including one close up of your face and a few shots where people get to see you doing things you love in life. Showing you have a social life you love, a career you love and hobbies you love is attractive. Photos can show all that.

Lastly, contact people who catch your eye and do so by writing a short message, complimenting something in their profile. If you hit it off, ask them out as soon as possible for a quick drink/coffee to see if you have chemistry in real life.

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